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LaLa, 1997. August 27.

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The audio files below are provided in honor of Michael Jordan, the '96-'97 NBA Finals MVP, the Greatest Basketball Player on Earth! (Heck, in the Universe!)
Be Like Mike
Fly Like An Eagle
I Believe I Can Fly
Jordan is drafted by the Bulls

Player Introductions
(Featuring Ray Clay, the Bulls' official announcer)
The Alan Parsons Project: Sirius
(The actual music that is played during the player introductions)
Pink Floyd: On the Run
(The music that is played during the introduction of the visiting team)
Village People: Y.M.C.A.
(The music that is usually played toward the end of a game)
Champions Once Again!
(A good song about another championship!)
Five Rings
(A funny song about winning five...)
Get Ready For This
(A rumbling music played to get the fans involved)
Hit The Road Jack
(Fouled out!...)
Only The Bulls
("Only the one and only - Chicago Bulls!")
Rock and Roll, Part 2
(De-fense, de-fense!)
Sweet Home Chicago
(Da Bulls & Da Blues Brothers!)

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