6581 PlayLists

SIDPlay for Win and SidAmp playlists
of the weekly radio show
"6581" by Hard Hat Mack
that was broadcast on KDVS
for 2 years between 1999 and 2001.

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Spellbound by Rob Hubbard
Last updated: June 13, 2005
Download the SIDPlayLists
if you are a SIDPlay for Windows user, or if you are a UNIX/Linux user and have SIDPlay and Perl or XSIDPlay installed on your machine:
Size: 131 KB
Download the SidAmpLists
if you are a WinAmp user and have got the SidAmp plugin for it:
Size: 93 KB


For Win95 or later:

3 For UNIX systems:

All other platforms:

Sorry, but currently the SIDPlayLists and SidAmpLists work only under the operating systems mentioned above! You are out of luck. If you have Perl 5 on your system and you have some sort of SID player installed that can handle command-line arguments, you can tweak the Perl script a little to get it work and have it play the playlists for you. If you succeed in this, please, let me know so we can share your success with other SID-freaks. If you need help in tweaking the Perl script, don't hesitate to contact me - I'm sure we can figure something out to get it work under your system.



Follow the installation procedure described in the README.txt or README2.txt file included in the above ZIP package.


Hard Hat Mack (justinbeck2000_AT_yahoo.com)
LaLa (LaLa_AT_C64.org)