HVSC's Top 100 SIDs

As voted on by SID fans
2000. July 5.

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HVSC's Top 100 SIDs

No.Title (click to listen/download!)Composer(s)
1.WizballMartin Galway
2.The Last NinjaBen Daglish & Anthony Lees
3.SanxionRob Hubbard
4.CommandoRob Hubbard
5.International KarateRob Hubbard
6.Cybernoid IIJeroen Tel / Maniacs of Noise
7.DeltaRob Hubbard
8.Monty on the RunRob Hubbard
9.CybernoidJeroen Tel / Maniacs of Noise
10.Last Ninja 3Reyn Ouwehand
11.Rambo: First Blood Part IIMartin Galway
12.Last Ninja 2Matt Gray
13.MutantsFred Gray
14.KnucklebustersRob Hubbard
15.ArkanoidMartin Galway
16.Crazy CometsRob Hubbard
17.Auf Wiedersehen MontyRob Hubbard & Ben Daglish
18.The Great Giana SistersChris Hülsbeck
19.Ghouls 'n' GhostsTim Follin
20.Ghosts'n GoblinsMark Cooksey
21.Nemesis the WarlockRob Hubbard
22.Green BeretMartin Galway
23.The Way of the Exploding FistNeil Brennan
24.PlatoonJonathan Dunn
25.R-typeChris Hülsbeck & Ramiro Vaca
26.LightforceRob Hubbard
27.CobraBen Daglish
28.Robocop 3Jeroen Tel / Maniacs of Noise
29.MythJeroen Tel / Maniacs of Noise
30.The Master of MagicRob Hubbard
31.Turbo OutrunJeroen Tel / Maniacs of Noise
32.TrapBen Daglish
33.SweetJohannes Bjerregaard
34.StormlordJohannes Bjerregaard & J. Tel
35.SpellboundRob Hubbard
36.ParallaxMartin Galway
37.IK+Rob Hubbard
38.ZamzaraCharles Deenen/Maniacs of Noise
39.Comic BakeryMartin Galway
40.Yie Ar Kung FuMartin Galway
41.HysteriaFred Gray
42.Defender of the CrownRichard Joseph
43.Ocean Loader 3Peter Clarke
44.To Be on TopChris Hülsbeck
45.ArmalyteMartin Walker
46.Mega ApocalypseRob Hubbard & Simon Nicol
47.Dulcedo CogitationisChris Hülsbeck
48.Thing Bounces BackBen Daglish
49.RobocopJonathan Dunn
50.Cooperation DemoKim Christensen (Future Freak)
51.ZoidsRob Hubbard
52.SupremacyJeroen Tel / Maniacs of Noise
53.Compleeto!Anders Andréen (ATOO)
54.DrillerMatt Gray
55.Times of LoreMartin Galway
56.One Man & His DroidRob Hubbard
57.SavageJeroen Tel / Maniacs of Noise
58.ACE IIRob Hubbard
59.ThrustRob Hubbard
60.BMX KidzRob Hubbard & Jori Olkkonen
61.KinetixJeroen Tel / Maniacs of Noise
62.Scroll MachineJori Olkkonen (Yip)
63.The Baby of Can GuruChris Hülsbeck
64.WizardryMike Alsop
65.Gauntlet IIITim & Geoff Follin
66.Synth SampleGeorg Feil
67.Grand Prix CircuitKris Hatlelid
68.NightdawnJohannes Bjerregaard
69.ScumballTim Follin
70.R.I.S.K.Wally Beben
71.Rocky StarKim Christensen (Future Freak)
72.SnareMartin Walker
73.Bionic CommandoTim Follin
74.KatakisChris Hülsbeck
75.Gerry the GermRob Hubbard
76.EliminatorJeroen Tel / Maniacs of Noise
77.BulldogBen Daglish
78.RampartsMark Cooksey
79.Ark PandoraBen Daglish
80.Miami ViceMartin Galway
81.WarhawkRob Hubbard
82.The VikingsBen Daglish
83.FAME (1)Michael Hendriks
84.SYS4096Juha-Matti Hilpinen (AMJ)
85.Batman (long)Jens-Christian Huus
86.MikieMartin Galway
87.Zig ZagAntony Crowther
88.Battle ValleyJeroen Tel / Maniacs of Noise
89.ChordianJens-Christian Huus
90.Combat CrazyJeroen Tel / Maniacs of Noise
91.HawkeyeJeroen Tel / Maniacs of Noise
92.Short CircuitMartin Galway
93.DNA WarriorThomas Petersen & K.Christensen
94.Glider RiderDavid Whittaker
95.UridiumSteve Turner
96.ThunderforceJohannes Bjerregaard
97.KentillaRob Hubbard
98.Crazy Comets (remix)Johannes Bjerregaard
99.Terra CrestaMartin Galway
100.TetrisWally Beben


HVSC's Top 100 SIDs
as voted on by SID fans:
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About this Top 100 list

About this Top 100 list:

For years, veteran SID fans have debated what are the 'best' SIDs. It now has come time to settle this issue once and for all. It wouldn't be enough, though, to just haphazardly throw together a list of the Top 100. This project had to be done fairly as well as include multiple voters in order to ensure a true average. These are SIDs that we are talking about after all, and they certainly deserve such respect.

Putting this list together also serves as a nice introduction to SID music for those new to the SID world. These SIDs comes from a dauntingly huge collection named the High Voltage SID Collection (HVSC). We figured it would be nice to let people taste a small 'best of' collection of HVSC so that they could decide if it would be worth their time to download all of HVSC. If you don't like the sound of the tunes in the Top 100, then more than likely SID music just isn't for you. In other words, you are weird. Yup, you, not us. ;)

For more information about SID tunes and related topics, click here:
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