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SIDPlay for Win playlists
First released on
October 6th, 1998.

SidAmpLists for WinAmp
First released on
October 27th, 1998.

Compiled in 1997-2001 by LaLa

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Many-many thanks to Adam Lorentzon, who not only modified the way SIDPlay/Win supports playlists (based on some of my ideas), but who also gave me his Perl script that I modified (with his supervision) so I could play them under UNIX, too.

Many-many thanks to the SidAmp team for adding playlist support to it!

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Follow the installation procedure described in the README.txt or README2.txt file included in the above ZIP package.


These playlists represent a major undertaking by me, for sentimental, nostalgic, and even for historical reasons.

I've had a C64 almost since the beginning. As more and more great sounding game tunes appeared in Commodore-64 games and demos, I decided to capture them for good, as I didn't want to see them vanish, and also, because I wanted to enjoy them in the background while studying, playing, etc. Since all that I had in those times for this purpose was a tape recorder, I started to record the game tunes on them.

My C64 audio tape collection grew and grew over the following years, and eventually it became to contain over 20 tapes worth of C64 music. I was and I still am quite proud of the material they contained or still contain.

However, the sad date of October 6th, 1991 came when I had to sell my Commodore-64 machine and all the tapes and disks I've collected over the many years. In case you wonder why, it was because my parents, my brother, and I decided to immigrate to the US from Hungary, and we simply couldn't carry absolutely everything with ourselves - and also because we needed every penny we could get. Unfortunately, my beloved C-64 was a victim of this. I am still kicking myself in the butt for selling everything - I wish I've never done it.

Although my C-64 machine was gone, my cherished audio tapes were still there and they traveled with me to the US. So, although I could not play the C-64 games any more, I could still listen to the tunes they contained - which, believe it or not, was actually more important for me as I found it out.

A few years later I bumped into SIDPlay and the HVSC archive on the Net. You can imagine how delighted I was to see that other people shared my enthusiasm towards C64 music and they have also tried to preserve it - just like I tried to do it with my audio tapes.

When SIDPlay/Win started to support playlists, I had the idea of "converting" my audio tapes to SIDPlay playlists so other people can share the joy I always had when listening to the masters of the SID chip. I also wanted to do this to better understand which tunes were created by whom, as sometimes I recorded the tunes from demos, which didn't always give proper credits to the composers.

And so, here they are! Some of my tapes got lost over the years, some got overrecorded (yeah, yeah, I know - dumb!), but the list of tunes they contained got preserved in one way or another and are now contained in these playlists. It took me quite some time to compile these playlists and I took special care to make sure that the length of each tune is correct, so the work represented by these playlists is significant. But, I hope you'll have as much fun listening to them as I had compiling them.

If you have any comments about them, or you find problems with them, let me know!


LaLa (