Last updated: June 26, 2022


The STIL.txt file in HVSC #77 has an invalid byte in it. The STIL.txt is encoded with Windows-1252 encoding, but in the

entry it has an 0x81 byte in it, which is invalid in that encoding scheme. Some scripts processing the STIL.txt directly or an unmodified SIDlist file may choke on this error.

For this reason, I am providing 3 versions of the SIDlist file this time around:

SIDlist variant Encoding Comment
Windows-1252 I have manually corrected the invalid byte in the above STIL entry, so these files are fully Windows-1252 encoding compliant.
UTF-8 I have manually corrected the invalid byte in the above STIL entry, and these files use UTF-8 encoding.
Windows-1252 The original, unmodified SIDlist files. These do contain the above encoding error as-is. Included here only for the sake of completeness.


SIDlist is basically a flat database that contains all the information about every SID file in the HVSC in an easily searchable format. SIDlist is generated by a Perl script that reads the information from the PSID headers of the SID files, from the STIL file in HVSC and from the songlength database.

SIDlist is provided in two formats: SIDlist.csv contains comma-separated values in a format that can be loaded into Microsoft Excel directly. SIDlist.txt is a plain text file that contains the same information in a format that is easy to search by tools like grep, awk, Perl, etc. The only difference between the two files is that SIDlist.txt also contains the so-called section-global (per dir) STIL comments, while SIDlist.csv does not.

The files are provided as is merely for the convenience of SID fans. But if you have any questions about them, suggestions, any feedback, don't hesitate to send me email.

NEW: The script now has experimental support for: