Last updated: Jun 30, 2024
UpdatePaths.zip (Perl script)

UpdatePaths_Win32.zip (Windows executable)
IMPORTANT NOTE: The Windows version of the UpdatePaths can no longer generate an UpdateXX.upd file due to a filename change in the HVSC/DOCUMENTS directory (hv_sids.txt was renamed to HVSC.txt in Update #58). It will continue to work with the -f option, though.
The Perl version was fixed to deal with this, however, I have neither the time, nor the facilities to generate the Windows executable from this Perl script.



This zip contains the latest version of my 'updatepaths' too (written in Perl), plus the required input file it uses. (I also included previous *.upd files as a bonus, but they are not required - they are included in this zip merely for your convenience, should the need arise for you for them.)

This tool automatically updates your SIDPlay or WinAmp playlists, or any text file of yours that contains HVSC-relative pathnames, so the pathnames will match that of the latest HVSC, provided they were HVSC compatible with the previous version of HVSC to begin with. (In other words, assuming that they are up-to-date.)

HVSC-relative pathnames are what you can find in the STIL.txt document in HVSC. For example: /Hubbard_Rob/Commando.sid - it starts with a forward slash, and contains the pathname from the root of your HVSC directory to the given SID file.

Perl is an interpreted language used mostly for scripts, and it's available on many platforms. See http://www.perl.com, or the Windows version specificly: http://www.activestate.com.

Before you use this script, I suggest you run it with the -h option to get help about all of its command-line options. For practical usage:

Perl script:
prompt> perl updatepaths.pl -f Update81.upd YourFile.spl

Windows version:
prompt> updatepaths.exe -f Update7.upd YourFile.spl

This will update all HVSC-relative pathnames in your YourFile.spl file to match that of HVSC v81 (post-Update #81). NOTE: Pathnames refering to files that got deleted from HVSC during Update #81 will be replaced with a big nothing as a result of this! (See the help about the -n option for an override of this feature.) NOTE #2: if you have many playlists you want to update all at once, you can use wildcards in the filename, e.g. YourFiles*.spl.

The supplied Update81.upd was manually edited by me after I generated it with updatepaths.pl to map some DELETE operations to MOVE operations. See the file itself or the /DOCUMENTS/Update81.hvs file in HVSC for detailed comments if you are curious why this was needed.

I hope this is of some help for SID-fans! (It saves me tons of time in updating my personal playlists.)

LaLa (LaLa_AT_C64.org)