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SID Hunt Heroes
The kind people who ripped requests.
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Those of you who were so kind to rip the tunes requested in the Big SID Hunt and
those of you who were so kind to report where the requested tunes can be found in HVSC
are listed below.

As a token of my appreciation, each of those SID Hunt Heroes with 3 or more SID Hunt rips (their names are highlighted in the table below) got a CD of their choice from me in the name of the SID fans for whom they did their wonderful work. Except for SID Hunt Superhero Warren, who got 2 CDs from me, and Jan Harries, who got a HardSID card from me, not just for his contribution to the SID Hunt, but also for his many contributions to HVSC and for making many SID fans like me very happy.

Warren Pilkington
(SID Hunt Superhero)
211 points (167 kills, 4 fixes, 40 finds)
Jan Harries (Rambones) 97 points (82 kills, 1 fix, 14 finds)
Jan Krolzig 76 points (72 kills, 4 finds)
Peter Sandén 41 points (31 kills, 10 finds)
Inge Pedersen 35 points (34 kills, 1 find)
Stefan Wolff 15 points (15 kills)
Adam Lorentzon 12 points (6 kills, 6 finds)
Professor Chaos 9 points (9 kills)
Tim-Christoph Hagen 7 points (6 kills, 1 find)
Tognon Stefano 6 points (6 kills)
Johan Åstrand (Zyron) 5 points (5 kills)
Linus Åkerlund 5 points (5 kills)
Levente Hársfalvi 4 points (4 kills)
Laust Brock-Nannestad 3 points (3 finds)
Stephan Schmid 3 points (2 kills, 1 find)
Jochen Weber 3 points (3 kills)
Markus Brenner 2 points (2 kills)
Anders Carlsson 2 points (2 kills)
iAN CooG 2 points (2 kills)
J0x 2 points (2 kills)
Jeremy A. Smith 2 points (2 kills)
Martin Fernandez 2 points (1 find, 1 correction)
Alistair Bowness 1 point (1 kill)
Ian Cunningham 1 point (1 kill)
Gorkha (Anders Eriksen) 1 point (1 kill)
Martin Jeppesen 1 point (1 kill)
Laurent 1 point (1 kill)
Kai Lehmann 1 point (1 kill)
Vincent Schoettke 1 point (1 kill)
Roland Toegel 1 point (1 kill)
Olaf Zimmermann 1 point (1 kill)
Patrick Ceuppens 1 point (1 find)
Magnate 1 point (1 kill)
Malte Mundt 1 point (1 find)
The Shark 1 point (1 find)
Kai Spitzley 1 point (1 find)

The original idea of this page came from Gabriele. Thanx, Gabe!
See a list of the old SID Hunt Heroes!