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The tunes below have been requested by C64 music fans.
Tunes in bold italics have been requested by multiple people.
Some tunes (the ones left over from the old SID Hunt) have links to RealAudio sound bites of the tunes in question, other have links to the actual games.

I would like to thank Patrick Ceuppens and Peter Sanden for supplying some of the games I link to below, and I would like to thank Kai Spitzley for providing webspace for those games.

<?> <?> Ripped by Inge Pedersen.
There's this nice digi-tune in the 6th screen of the demo. I would also be interested in a PSID version for my website (if it's not too much effort).
36 /MUSICIANS/B/Brian/Justincase_part_6.sid
HIC of Quality <?> (RealAudio sample) Ripped by iAN CooG.
Cracker intro to Armalyte by HIC of Quality.
75 /MUSICIANS/H/HIC/Quality_Intro.sid
<?> 99 Luftballons <?> This Nena cover was on a disk of copying programs. The disk was compiled by someone who called himself (?) "ARL Broadcasting" and thus the whole name of the disk was "ARL Broadcasting Super Disk". The author obviously is a Swede (as the original instructions are in Swedish) and could be reached by "DVNR 316854", whatever a DVNR is. The tune played in the background while making your choice of copying program from a menu. I still own the disk, but unwisely formatted it years ago and can't trace any of the old files on the disk. Neither of the current entries (according to STIL, they are Whittaker's and Mermaid's) in HVSC seems to match this particular cover. The good thing is the song was loadable as a separate M/L program, so once someone finds the disk, it's a piece of cake to rip it.
<?> All Risks Ripped by Jan Harries and Magnate.
© 1986 Radarsoft. Music + digitized scream.
40 /MUSICIANS/R/Red_Kimmel_Jeroen/All_Risks.sid
Gary Gilbertson Alternate Reality: The City ZIP file. ZIP file (working version).
The previously linked version was hanging at beginning of game play. There's a working version at Gamebase64 (link above).
<?> Amazon Ripped by Stefan Wolff.
Based on the novel my Michael Crichton. © Syntrillium???
51 /MUSICIANS/B/Boles_Howard/Amazon.sid
<?> Black Magic Ripped by Jan Harries and Stephan Schmid.
© Datasoft
39 /GAMES/A-F/Black_Magic.sid
Guy Shavitt Blitz Unreleased game made by Hungarian demo freaks. Guy made music exclusively for this game.
<?> By fair means... or foul! Ripped by Inge Pedersen. 46 /MUSICIANS/W/Westgate_Robert/By_Fair_Means_or_Foul.sid
<?> Caesar, the Cat Ripped by J0x.
© 1983, Mirrorsoft.
46 /GAMES/A-F/Caesar_the_Cat.sid
<?> Chickin' Chase Ripped by Stefan Wolff.
© 1985, Firebird/Jaws
45 /GAMES/A-F/Chickin_Chase.sid
Patrick Payne Comics (in-game tunes) Ripped by Professor Chaos.
The HVSC already contains a few SIDs from this game, but it it mainly just the music from the action sequences. There are dozens of other great tunes locked within this game that should be made public again. I.e. more of the in-game music needs to be ripped... Thanks.
59 /GAMES/A-F/Accolades_Comics.sid
Rob Hubbard Cracker Cartridge Confirmed same as Cracker Mix - used in Game Killer cartridge. /MUSICIANS/H/Hubbard_Rob/Game_Killer.sid
<?> Dark Castle Ripped by Stefan Wolff and Peter Sandén.
US version © 1987 Three-Sixty, UK version © Mirrorsoft. The tune's also a real-composition of a modern classic composer. But sorry, no more info there. I think it was from "Infogrames" a rat-graphic on loading... Matthew Miller added: It's the first few bars of Johann Sebastian Bach's "Toccata and Fugue in D Minor". Also it's a digi so there's not much point in making a SID just for it. There're SID sound effects in game, though.
46 /MUSICIANS/W/Whittaker_David/Dark_Castle.sid
Gary Wilens Dark Lord Ripped by iAN CooG. 58 /GAMES/A-F/Dark_Lord.sid
Paul Butler Deceptor Ripped by Professor Chaos. 60 /MUSICIANS/B/Butler_Paul/Deceptor.sid
<?> Desolator Ripped by Inge Pedersen. 53 /MUSICIANS/S/Summers_Paul/Desolator.sid
<?> Deus ex Machina ZIP file. According to Gamebase, no music.
<?> Donald Duck 2 Gamebase64
Len Neufeld and Byron Preiss <?> Fahrenheit 451 Ripped by Stefan Wolff.
There were some beautiful tunes in the Trillium (or Telarium?) game "Fahrenheit 451" - including the opening theme music as wellas a great baroque-style harmony that played when entering the Cathedral for the first time. I have no idea who the author was, but it was very good work.
51 /MUSICIANS/B/Boles_Howard/Fahrenheit_451.sid
Sharedata <?> Family Feud & Classic Concentration Ripped by Warren Pilkington. 36 /MUSICIANS/T/Thiel_David/Family_Feud.sid and /GAMES/A-F/Classic_Concentration.sid
Paul Butler Fight Night Ripped by Professor Chaos.
© 1991 CP Verlag.
Warren: Re-release. The original was made in 1985 by Sydney Developments.
58 /MUSICIANS/B/Butler_Paul/Fight_Night.sid
<?> Firetrack Ripped by Inge Pedersen.
© 1987 Electric Dreams
Warren: This one is very tough to rip as the routines that contain the music interrupts seem to be all over memory. Not just that, but there's no real way of finding what the correct init routine is.
39 /GAMES/A-F/Fire_Track.sid
Spectre Foreplay Boston's Foreplay. Was done by me back in 1988 or 89 (I believe). I think my handle back then was Spectre. I uploaded it to QuantumLink back then.
<?> Gates of Dawn Ripped by Warren Pilkington.
© 1985, Virgin
36 /GAMES/G-L/Gates_of_Dawn.sid
<?> HCL That one came as a singlefiler musicscreen only as far as I know, I *think* from Italy or something! It was some COOOL avantgarde experimental techno thing with weird sounds! Had a little figure made up of chars on screen!... This has NOTHING, I repeat NOTHING to do with HCL of Booze Design!
<?> Hi Bouncer Ripped by Stefan Wolff.
© 1984, Mirrorsoft
48 /GAMES/G-L/Hi_Bouncer.sid
<?> Horror Zombies From The Crypt No record of game in Gamebase64 48 /GAMES/G-L/Hi_Bouncer.sid
<?> Hot pop Ripped by Stefan Wolff.
48 /GAMES/G-L/Hot_Pop.sid
<?> Hunchback at the Olympics Ripped by Stefan Wolff.
© 1985, Software Projects
45 /GAMES/G-L/Hunchback_at_the_Olympics.sid
<?> Ice Palace Ripped by Stefan Wolff.
© 1985, Creative Sparks.
51 /GAMES/G-L/Ice_Palace_1985.sid
<?> Impossible Mission II (in-game tunes) Ripped by Professor Chaos.
The main (loader) theme of the game is ripped and in HVSC, but in the game there are additional tunes that did not get ripped. These are six (or seven?) variants of the tune which is the melody you have to find in safes by blowing them up and then assemble and play using the tape recorder. There may be some new speech samples in there, too (most are taken from part I of the game, though).
57 /GAMES/G-L/Impossible_Mission_II.sid
Ian Crabtree Inertia <?> Demo not on CSDB.
The tune was used in the demo of Inertia the game, by Quantum Designs, (placed on Compunet back in 1989-90), although the game was never finished I really liked the music (you still got that MSX Midi keyboard and Printer Ian?). If anyone could hunt out the demo, I'd be forever in their debt. Signed, Chain, formerly of Quantum Designs.
<?> John "King of Zombies" Trimback Demo not on CSDB.
A BBS demo.
<?> Journey to the Center of the Earth Ripped by Warren Pilkington.
Madness: "House of Fun" cover.
36 /GAMES/G-L/Journey_to_the_Centre_of_the_Earth.sid
<?> Kennedy Approach <?> Ripped by Inge Pedersen.
Warren: The game seems to make extensive use of Berkeley speech samples throughout.
45 /MUSICIANS/E/Electronic_Speech_Systems/Kennedy_Approach.sid
<?> King's Bounty According to Gamebase, no music.
John W.S. Marvin & Randy Glover Lunar Outpost (Epyx) Gamebase64.
The title screen plays a funny version of Richard Wagners 'Ride of the Valkyries' and there's some neat jingles in the game.
<?> Marble Madness Ripped by Inge Pedersen.

Rambones: Tough to rip - no IRQ player! Depending on where in a level you are (the screen-update and music-player is one symbiosis), small sequences are played, and there are many of them!! I never thought I would say something is impossible, and no it isn't but I've already spent many whole days, re-assembling this routine, and it keeps growing all the time. It's like as if the game-coder has done SFX to whatever, whenever he felt like it. The trouble is there are so many levels, and so many small music-routines in different places (no modules) - it would be easier to just emulate the total completion of the game, thus outputting the entire 4+ hours soundtrack - or something like that. :)
40 /GAMES/M-R/Marble_Madness.sid
<?> MegaWarz Ripped by Professor Chaos. 69 /MUSICIANS/W/Westgate_Robert/Megawarz.sid
Science 451 Metal Music <?> Demo could be Metal Dream.
I have so far been unable to locate a song from the group Science 451, a demo I think was called Metal music. Keep in mind it's been years since I saw this demo. It was not very technologically advanced, but had a very nice design. Three parts, I think. One part had a scroll text towards the top. Below were sprites that spelled out "metal music". 5 sprites spelling "Metal" went around in a circular pattern, while "music" was spelled out vertically with three copies of each letter - atting to max 8 sprites per raster line. the "music" letters moved only horisontally.

A later part had a picture of the lethal weapon guys, as far as I recall, in a simple tech-tech routine. Possibly only 8 pixel range, even.

I'd like the music, and even the demo, if anyone has it...
<?> Music Construction Set Ripped by Professor Chaos. 59 /MUSICIANS/F/Fulton_Douglas/Pat_the_Hat.sid (and others in his dir)
<?> Narco Police Ripped by Stefan Wolff and Peter Sandén.
Ingame "heartbeat" music is missing. Main tune was found in the HVSC.
ZIP file
45 /MUSICIANS/D/Deenen_Charles/Narco_Police_SFX.sid
<?> Night Shade Ripped by J0x. 46 /GAMES/M-R/Night_Shade.sid
Bob Landwehr P.A.S.S. Demo music Ripped by Jan Harries.
This is the music from the P.A.S.S. (Parabola Advanced Synthesis Software) DEMO and is not included in the full program (not that I could find). It has some really good songs including Moonlight Sonata.
48 /MUSICIANS/L/Landwehr_Bob/P_A_S_S_Demo.sid
Howard Feldman <?> Quest of Kings Ripped by Stefan Wolff. 48 /GAMES/M-R/Quest_of_Kings_BASIC.sid
<?> Rendezvous with Rama Ripped by Stefan Wolff.
Game was made by Trillium, then the company changed its name to Telarium. A 1984 release. Rama had some great music in it! I've looked all over for this sid but to no avail.
51 /MUSICIANS/B/Boles_Howard/Rendezvous_with_Rama.sid
<?> Round the Pipe /MUSICIANS/L/Leitch_Barry/Mindsmear-Extra_Long_Version.sid
Ryo Kawasaki Satellite Station (Kawasaki Rhythm Rocker demo song) Ripped by Professor Chaos.
This song has been itching at me for the past 10+ years, and it would make my day if someone could rip this song. The song I'm referring to is in the "DEMO" program on said disk.
63 /MUSICIANS/K/Kawasaki_Ryo/Satellite_Station.sid
<?> Seaside Special Ripped by Stefan Wolff.
© 1984, Taskset
48 /MUSICIANS/G/Gibson_Tony/Seaside_Special.sid
David Whittaker <?> The Sentinel Ripped by Professor Chaos.
© 1987 Firebird. The game contains only short jingles.

Rambones: Tough to rip - realtime SFX in 10+ random memory areas...
64 /GAMES/S-Z/Sentinel.sid
<?> Shoot Em Up Ripped by Stefan Wolff.
© 1985, Alligata
48 /GAMES/S-Z/Shoot_em_Up.sid
<?> The Simpsons Ripped by Professor Chaos.
© 1991 Konami. C64 version of the Konami arcade game. As far as I know it was released in U.S. only.
59 /GAMES/S-Z/Simpsons_Arcade_Game.sid
Slaygon Slaygon/Censor intro Tune does not appear in HVSC. Lead sound is similar to the lead in Slaygon's Overture_90.sid I believe. This not the one in /DEMOS/UNKNOWN/.
Roadkill Inc. Somewhere Out There From An American Tale. Also had lyrics with it.
Spectre Spanish Caravan A cover of The Doors track.
Pawel Kulikowski State of the Art ZIP file.
Loads samples from disk when playing, so > 64K. Digi tune, only 4 h4rdc0r3 ripperz.
Martin Galway Street Hawk Ripped by Alistair Bowness.
A never relesed game with a never released Galway tune. Click on the link to download the MP3 recording of it (thanks to Stephan Schmid for the MP3!).

Jan Harries: "Galway told the HVSC Crew that it was someone at Ocean who recorded his tunes on tape. Galway then lost this tune, as the game was never finished. He's quite sure he never gave anyone the sources. :-("

Chris Abbott: Martin Galway recently looked through his C64 disks and unfortunately the source disk with the files on were corrupted. :-(

Warren Pilkington: "Ocean advertised the game in the computer press, and it was also advertised in mail order catalogues as part of a complete system (ie: C64, tape deck, joystick and games). Although contractually obliged by the catalogue, only Knight Rider was actually released (and heavily slated for being crap). Street Hawk IIRC was by the same development team, so you can imagine Ocean's train of thought..."

BTW, a major portion of the tune is a cover of Tangerine Dream's "Le Parc".
37 /MUSICIANS/G/Galway_Martin/Street_Hawk.sid and /MUSICIANS/G/Galway_Martin/Street_Hawk_Prototype.sid
<?> Ultimate Wizard According to Gamebase, no music.
In ultimate wizard, when each is constructed, it play's some crazy construction music. It always ends with a bass like sound going "BING-BONG!". That's what I'm looking for, plus all the sound FX in the game.
Joona Palaste: The "crazy construction music" (I think it's the smae construction music as in "Wizard") is generated on the fly from the level's design. For example, all platforms make one kind of sound, while all ladders make another kind of sound. The "BING" comes from keys and the "BONG" comes from ladders. Because of this, I doubt it will be an easy music to rip... which level would you rip it from, anyway?
<?> WarGames Ripped by Stefan Wolff. 45 /GAMES/S-Z/WarGames.sid
Trashcan of Shining 8 Welcome to Hell 1 megademo Trashcan coded demo, music ripped from games, see CSDB link
<?> Whirlinurd ZIP file.
© 1985, Chris Gray Enterprises