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The HVSC (High Voltage SID Collection)
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HVSC's Top 100 SIDs
The Big SID Hunt (request SID tunes here)
HVSC-related tools:
- STIL (SID Tune Information List) (External link)
- STILView (C++ class)
- UpdatePaths
- SIDedit and Audio::SID
- SIDlist
Related mailing lists:
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- C64 remix
- HardSID
My SID-remix CD Reviews
Back In Time Live pictures taken by me:
- 2001: The first ever BIT Live (Birmingham)
- 2002: BIT Live 3 (London)
- 2002: The HVSC Crew in London
LaLa's SIDPlayLists and SidAmpLists
6581 SID (The weekly KDVS radio program)
- Audio archive, playlists
- Playlists (all in one zip)
SID-related MP3s
The SID Files
SID-related links
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